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27 de jun de 2024

Advanced security for public companies

In a digital environment where information security is crucial, especially for public companies that deal with large volumes of sensitive documents, LibreSign stands out for offering advanced security. Using data encryption and multi-factor authentication, LibreSign ensures that your data is always protected.

See some advantages:

End-to-end encryption End-to-end encryption ensures that only authorized recipients can access and read document content. With LibreSign, each document is encrypted from submission to final signature, ensuring your information remains secure every step of the way.

This encryption protects against interception during the transmission and storage of documents, ensuring that even if the data is accessed by third parties, it will be indecipherable and useless. For public companies that frequently deal with confidential information, this additional security is essential to protect the integrity of their administrative processes.

Secure authentication

LibreSign implements multi-factor authentication (MFA), making unauthorized access difficult and ensuring that only verified people can sign documents. This method requires users to provide two or more forms of verification before accessing documents, making the signing process more secure and reliable.

For example, in addition to the password, a code sent to the user's cell phone or email may be required. This additional level of verification prevents unauthorized people from forging signatures or accessing important documents. For public organizations, where accuracy and accountability are paramount, MFA provides an indispensable extra layer of security.

The importance of digital security in public companies

Public companies deal daily with information that requires the highest level of security. From contracts and agreements to legislative documents and citizen records, protecting this data is crucial. Any security breach can result in serious consequences, including data loss, unauthorized access to sensitive information and damage to the organization's reputation.

LibreSign was developed with a focus on security and efficiency. The platform ensures that each document goes through a secure process, from creation to final signature. This level of detail and care is especially important in a scenario where reliability and security are mandatory.

Additional Benefits of LibreSign

In addition to advanced security features, LibreSign offers other advantages that make document management more efficient and secure:

  • Intuitive interface: The platform is easy to use, allowing employees to focus on their main tasks without wasting time on complicated systems.
  • Real-time monitoring: Track the status of documents in real time, allowing quick actions such as sending reminders for pending signatures.
  • Integration with other systems: LibreSign can be integrated with other systems used by your organization, providing more cohesive and centralized document management.


The security of your documents cannot be compromised. With LibreSign, you are guaranteed maximum protection through end-to-end encryption and authentication with multiple identification factors. Our solution is developed to meet the stringent security requirements of public companies, ensuring that each document is treated with the highest level of integrity and reliability.

Don't wait until a security breach affects your organization. Contact us today to learn more about how LibreSign can meet the needs of your public organization. Schedule a demonstration and discover how we can improve document management and administrative efficiency at your institution.

Protect your documents, optimize your processes and ensure the security and efficiency that your public organization deserves with LibreSign.