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Main features

Beyond offering agility and security in digital signatures and document management, LibreSign features functionalities that adapt to the specific needs of your organization.

Free and open source software for electronic signatures

Agility and security are paramount in business transactions, and LibreSign emerges as the intelligent choice for diverse sectors. Developed by LibreCode, a cooperative of IT professionals, LibreSign embodies the Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) philosophy. With robust security standards, it ensures the inviolability of electronic signatures, making it ideal for government, education, and corporate enterprises

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Hybrid signatures

Hybrid signatures streamline negotiation processes, offering flexibility in choosing between personal or system-generated digital certificates for signing documents digitally with LibreSign

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Multiple signers

Streamline the signing of digital documents for multiple individuals, ensuring legal validity, security, and collaboration. Expedite contract processes between departments, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. Embrace efficiency and collaboration with LibreSign, guiding your organization towards seamless digital transformation

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Document validation by QR Code

LibreSign revolutionizes document authenticity verification with QR Code, ensuring security, efficiency, and practicality. Its instantaneous validation, agility, transparency, and compatibility with various platforms make it perfect for sustainable businesses. Try this solution now!

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About Us

The perfect tool to manage the signature flow of your documents

LibreSign is a web application for electronic signatures (e-Sign) developed by the LibreCode cooperative (Brazilian cooperative specialized in free software development). Its development began at the beginning of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, when people and companies were migrating their physical documentation to digital, and then there was a need to develop a web solution that could offer the possibility of signing documents, contracts and proposals online with security and agility.

We use PKI technology to generate digital certificate keys. LibreSign is open source (and always will be), which allows it to be audited and customized for various needs and integrated with any system and, of course, maintained by the community.


Target audience

Public sector

Optimize document management in the public sector with LibreSign. Our solution provides effective administration to handle specific government documentation, ensuring security, speed, and strict compliance with the General Data Protection Law (GDPR). Simplify bureaucratic processes, expedite document signing, and promote more efficient management with LibreSign for the public sector.


LibreSign is the ideal choice for educational institutions looking to enhance their document processes with legal validity. Simplify the signing of contracts, authorizations, and other essential documents for academic administration. Promote effective document management, providing a streamlined and modern experience for students, teachers, and administrative staff.

Private companies

Our electronic signature and document management solution streamline workflows, reducing time spent on manual processes. Achieve greater productivity, promote document security, and ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Law (GDPR), providing an agile experience for your clients and collaborators.


Any Questions? Answered

LibreSign frequently asked questions

LibreSign allows documents to be signed securely and with legal validity, since the system generates hashing - an algorithm that ensures that the file has not been altered after being signed - as well as numbers and records the times of each signature carried out in the document. In this way, the system meets all the requirements of the GDPR - General Data Protection Law.
Electronic signature capture is a technology for signing electronic document files with a handwritten signature. The use of this technology allows for the elimination of the mailing, storage, filing, copying, and retrieval of paper documents. This will save your business time and money.
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No. The digitized signature is the reproduction of the handwritten signature as an image using scanner-type. It does not guarantee the authorship and of the electronic document, as there is no association between the signer and the text, as it can be easily copied and inserted another document.
LibreCode, a Brazilian cooperative of free software developers.

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