Hybrid signatures

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Jan 12, 2024

In the face of common challenges in digital signature processes, hybrid signatures present an effective solution. As a pioneer in this innovation, LibreSign provides its users with the flexibility to choose between using their personal digital certificate (e-CPF or e-CNPJ) or the system-generated certificate to sign documents from anywhere in the world. The digital certificate, whether e-CPF or e-CNPJ, plays a fundamental role in electronic signatures. Acquired through a Certification Authority, it serves as an electronic identity that validates documents and the identity of the holder. Stored on devices like tokens, smart cards, or in the cloud, the certificate is essential for ensuring legitimacy in digital signatures. A unique feature of LibreSign is its ability to generate its own Certification Authority. By opting for this feature, users receive a certificate generated internally by the system, streamlining the process and adding innovation and efficiency. The Certification Authority self-generated by LibreSign provides a secure and efficient solution, aligned with the standards of ICP-Brasil. Security and legal validity are paramount in each signature carried out by LibreSign, ensuring compliance with the rigorous standards established by ICP-Brasil. This guarantees the authenticity and legality of each signed document, meeting and exceeding the expectations of businesses in various sectors, including government, education, and corporate enterprises.

LibreSign is redefining the future of digital signatures, inviting you to be part of this revolution. Join us to explore a new level of experience in electronic signatures.